Hope Still Exists

The world has left a magnifying glass on catastrophes. The media focuses on portraying deaths, unpredictable events, and debate. When do we ever hear about the officer which brought a homeless man shoes because he received a call of a man outside a store? No this officer, did not use force or violence to deal with this potential “threat” instead he realized this man had far deeper issues as he lay on the ground with no shoes. The officer handed him money and a pair of shoes and informed him on how he shouldn’t lay there but not once did he refer to him in a terrible manner.


What about we give? Have you heard about this organization? They constantly host events for others to donate used clothes, supplies, and other necessities which are used to donate to those who need it most and kids during the school season. They have a page in which they promote social issues and are constantly trying to challenge stereotypes.


Another example includes that of a boy who created a go fund me page for police dogs. He realized these dogs face situations in which there lives are in danger and he decided to raise money to help buy protective vests for these heroes. Why don’t media outlets focus on such positive events?


Yes, terrifying things happen all around the world, but I am a firm believer that positivism still outshines negativity. The media focuses on bad events because they are much more rare and they believe people pay a lot more attention when they showcase horrible issues. They aren’t wrong, but this needs to change. We must create a change, we must push for the media to show good things along with bad things. We must push for more positive occurrences broadcast so we realize that there is still hope for future generations and that humanity is not completely damned.


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