Changing Ourselves for A Better Tomorrow

By Elvia Ramirez

Life is uncertain.

We forget who we are and close the curtains.

We disregard diversity

Even in places as diverse as universities.

We shame others for being fat,

For being too thin, thick, curvy or flat.

Society promotes hate by portraying horrifying news on the media

We forget we are all equals and it causes mad hysteria.

Despite many unfortunate events,

Including the destruction of humanity and election of unqualified presidents,

I conclude we can still save ourselves

By thinking of others and not just oneself.

We can no longer watch as America closes the gates,

and aims to deter happiness and spread hate.

We must all stand together

Fight through tough times and difficult weather.

Because only then will we be able to shine,

no longer will we hide or wait for a sign.

Together we are strong and powerful

We are all beautiful and wonderful.

When we put down our weapons of hatred

we can begin to embrace one another even if our eyes are naked.

Love is all we need,

To make enough small deeds,

Which will change the destination of humanity,

And prevent anymore insanity.

Remember to love and forgive always.

Open your heart to reach new ways

to discover how we can create a positive change in America.


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