Advice I wish I Knew Before Starting College

  1. Be aware of the idea that you may not always be on top. As a kindergartner up to my senior year I was always a straight A student, who thought that a simple grade defined there social status and there future. I didn’t care about what else was going on around me because I thought that a simple letter would open doors for me. I was quite naive. Not only was I fooling myself in believing that I would continue to have perfect grades through higher education but I was also never told that you need much more to get into top colleges. Today I can tell you one thing. Academics is not the only thing to worry about if you’re looking to receive a higher education, you must go above and beyond. Colleges look at community service hours, essay questions, SAT scores, class standing and so much more. While you’re dying to maintain  perfect academic career, you’re in the college attendant pool getting thrown out due to your lack of ability to “stand out”.


  1. College is hard. Although, I had heard this before I never realized exactly how hard it would be. Your professors don’t care about whether your passing or failing there class. You’ll be lucky enough if a professor knows you personally because lecture courses can range up to 250 students. Without a close connection with your professor you deter your chances of getting taught one on one, especially in circumstances in which you may be confused about a particular topic. Professors are not very lenient and they assign you the syllabus the first day of class so you know what to expect and when to expect it. While this can be beneficial ( serves as a heads up) it also means late assignments are not always valid because you were informed long before they were due.
  2. Learn time management, classes don’t always work around your schedule. You work afternoon shifts but one of your classes is only offered not the afternoon? In cases like this, you have to be consistent both at school and work. If you have the possibility, ask for that day in advance and let your manager know you need that day for school. If this is not a possibility because your work doesn’t offer a flexible schedule simply take the course over the summer ( regardless I recommend you find another job as you will need a flexible job every semester to help with your scheduling).
  3. No one will actually really talk to you. Unless you are part of an organization, most people you meet will not establish a true connection with you. Since you guys only see each other very rarely, most people don’t establish very important friendships in college (& if you do I’d be very surprised).


Finally just have fun. College can be stressful. Midterms kick your ass, then finals and it’s nonstop work because as soon as you finish one project you begin to work on the next. Don’t stress too much because remember you only love once. You don’t have to be at the top as long as you do good and get your degree you’re ready to go!


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