Tips for Immigrants in the Trump Era

  1. SPEAK SPANISH. We all know how much our fellow Americans (those who don’t support racial diversity) love to hear blabbering that they can’t understand. Over and over we have seen examples of people speaking a language other than English and being assaulted and harassed because of it. WHO ARE WE? WHO ARE WE WITHOUT OUR NATIVE LANGUAGE? We are nothing. Why should anyone feel entitled to tell us what we can or can’t say, what we can or can’t speak and what we should and should not do to portray the ideal American. Today I want to call out all of those who’ve attacked an individual for being different (race, color, gender, language, etc.). We live in a melting pot. A country which was created through diversity, so speak Spanish, Italian, French, Mandarin and any other language you wish and to those of you who don’t like it, maybe you should travel, expand your horizons and open your mind! No one will ever be an ideal American because every “American” is different.


2. DO GOOD. While, many may try to portray immigrants as horrible human beings who aim to torment the lives of those who were born in this country, we must take a moment to show them we are not horrible people. Yes, we have come here to work, but not to steal jobs or ruin the economy but rather to add to this nations progress. We must demonstrate that if we are attaining these jobs it’s because we are qualified and hard workers, so screw those who think otherwise.

Immigrant Laborers Harvest California's Produce

3. UNITE. All immigrants must unite to fight the oppression which seeks to destroy us. We are all one, facing similar issues fighting to destroy the oppression and racism which exists. Today I propose we unite and demonstrate que “juntos podemos”.


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