7 MUST Shop Online Websites

Looking for cheap yet trending websites to shop? I have the perfect list for you! The following websites are online stores which have been known to be used by popular celebrities (Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Cardi B and more..) but don’t leave your wallet completely empty!


While you have probably seen this website all over social media you may not recognize its growth. Recently, Fashion Nova launched a men’s collection which helped target the idea of inclusion. This website provides options for everyone! It targets both women and men and its prices are suitable for everyone. Fashion Nova has already been acknowledged by celebrities like Kylie Jenner, and they even produced a collection designed by Amber Rose. This collection features pieces that were meant to embrace feminism and included pieces of shirts which have words such as “SLUT” and “HOE”, as a means to shine light on names men typically use to refer to women. Amber Rose is not the only one catching the Fashion Nova wave! Are you a Cardi B fan? While the products are not yet known, Cardi B will be launching an exclusive collection with Fashion Nova this fall!

adult beautiful elegant eyewear
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Another website which is taking the internet by storm is Pretty Little Thing. This website includes very reasonably priced items but does not offer a mens collection. If you are looking for a website which includes unique and stylish pieces, Pretty Little Thing is the fit for you! This store is based in the UK and US, which helps target a larger audience. In the past they have featured collections with Zendaya and Kourtney Kardashian (The most boring Kardashian, I think NOT!), so maybe we will be looking at even more exciting collaborations in the future.


The most affordable option within this list has to be Shein. They have deals everyday, which include sales such as “buy one get one free”, “all under $15” and more. Although their clothes are very cheap, the material is of good quality. They offer cute casual wear along with trendy items at the lowest prices! Another amazing feature is that they have a men’s clothing section! If you ever want to indulge in clothing pieces for both you and your boo, Shein is the site for you! You’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth.

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Youtuber Elsy Guevarra along with her family own OOTD Fash. This website contains must have items, and offers trending accessories to fit everyone’s budget! Are you an ACE family member? Recently they restocked the “Alina Top” which was worn by Catherine Paiz in a viral video. While they offer pieces that anyone can rock, they also have a clothing section specifically for men. You can’t go wrong with OOTD Fash as they offer a wide selection of clothing.


Laura Mellado may be known for her LVE family channel in which she shares her family’s life with her subscribers and her large platform on instagram. Her platform all began with the launch of her own boutique in which she sales beautiful two piece sets, bottoms, tops, dresses and so much more! Laura’s boutique and OOTD Fash share a similar set up and while they do have similar pieces, there is also a few different pieces that are unique to each store. There’s no need to worry about prices as they offer affordable clothing pieces to fit everyone’s budget.

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Misslola was formerly named Lola Shoetique, and is a widely known clothing and shoe store. There shoe options are amazing, because not only do they offer sneakers and sandals but they also offer a wide assortment of heels. There prices range but because you have such a wide selection everyone can find something to fit their needs. They are constantly offering new selections to offer the newest trends. Hop onto the fashion wave with the latest trends with MissLola Official!

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Are you into retro styles and extremely unique pieces? BADGVLBLVD is the perfect online store for you! If you follow youtubers such as the Murillo Twins, you probably saw they featured some of these pieces for there birthday photo shoot! BADGALBLVD offers no pieces that are different from any other online store on this list! While there pieces are pricier than the above stores they definitely catch anyone’s eye! If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone and give off a sexy vibe, BADGVLBLVD is your go to online store!

I hope this helps you find some must haves for your closet! There is a variety of options to fit all budgets and styles. Have fun shopping!


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