Love Is Colorful

By Elvia Ramirez Love has no boundaries There is no ideal relationship There are no laws, no policies No censorship   We love regardless of skin color Regardless of gender, culture or religion Who cares if a man is smaller? Or the name of their country or region? Love is love, whether one is far... Continue Reading →


Hope Still Exists

The world has left a magnifying glass on catastrophes. The media focuses on portraying deaths, unpredictable events, and debate. When do we ever hear about the officer which brought a homeless man shoes because he received a call of a man outside a store? No this officer, did not use force or violence to deal... Continue Reading →

Tips for Immigrants in the Trump Era

SPEAK SPANISH. We all know how much our fellow Americans (those who don't support racial diversity) love to hear blabbering that they can’t understand. Over and over we have seen examples of people speaking a language other than English and being assaulted and harassed because of it. WHO ARE WE? WHO ARE WE WITHOUT OUR... Continue Reading →

The Power of Being You

The internet, a place in which social media exists and people create platforms. But wait, not all platform sizes are the same! While some people have millions, thousands and some merely hundreds of followers we get mislead with the idea that your followers portray how popular and ideal you are within society. While many of... Continue Reading →

My Distorted American Dream

I grew up in Guanajuato, Mexico in a small ranch where everything seemed quite perfect as a kid. I was allowed to play with all the children because my mom knew everyone in the little ranch and everyone trusted one another. As I grew up the vision of trust within my Mexican community faded, and... Continue Reading →

7 MUST Shop Online Websites

Looking for cheap yet trending websites to shop? I have the perfect list for you! The following websites are online stores which have been known to be used by popular celebrities (Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Cardi B and more..) but don't leave your wallet completely empty! FASHION NOVA While you have probably seen this website... Continue Reading →

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